"among the region’s best kept secrets for lovers of traditionally styled red Burgundy"
William Kelley
"If you enjoy traditionally made Burgundy, then…this is one of the finest domaines in all Burgundy"
Allen Meadows
"Michel Gaunoux is very different – traditional and old school in the best possible way, creating Burgundies of a very high quality even by current standards – wines of beauty – and somehow beyond the new conventions of modern day"
Steen Ohman

We are pleased to offer a wide range of Michel Gaunoux’s traditionally-styled Burgundies, with lots of new releases including older wines, dating back to 1995.

William Kelley of The Wine Advocate is a big fan and devoted an article to the estate, which he calls “among the region’s best kept secrets for lovers of traditionally styled red Burgundy.” He explains that “Richly extracted and tight-knit in their youth, Gaunoux wines need time; and fortunately, the domaine accommodates their clientele’s impatience by retaining large stocks of the best vintages for release somewhat closer to full maturity”. The late-release of some wines, means that the domaine is still very much under-the-radar, leaving Allen Meadows baffled. He says: “Domaine Gaunoux is consistently making some of the finest wines to be found in the Côte de Beaune”.

Steen Ohman of the Wine Hog sums up the style by saying “They may be traditional and intense wines – coming from some of the more powerful terroirs – Pommard and Corton – yet somehow they seem to offer a special, effortless and refined pinot experience.”